If you read this blog, I promise to not waste your time!

As an aspiring eCommerce entrepreneur, there are so many things for you to know and so little time to learn. The purpose of this blog is is to provide you with essential tools to get exactly what you need: fast and accurate information to make your business as successful as possible.

My credentials include being in Sales & Marketing for 20+ years before becoming a website designer in 2007, I have created hundreds of HTML sites and now concentrate on WordPress site and on-line stores. In addition, I launched my own on-line business which was a great learning experience, which is a euphemism for it bombed. Big Bomb.


Said business was not profitable and therefore unsuccessful. I had lots of fans, viewers, kudos–and no profit. After three years of kicking this can down the street , I surrendered to my inner accountant and closed that puppy down (literally. It was an on-line magazine for dog owners).

So by falling flat on my own face and by helping others not do as I did, I have lots of information and experience to share which is real, free of hype and hopefully quite helpful.


Ecommerce for the Entrepreneur!